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"By improving individual energy performance, each of us is acting for the planet, whilst continuing to maintain our comforts and safeguarding our finances. We should not forget that this creates economic momentum, which for once, does not recklessly consume our natural resources, but preserves them."

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco

Message from Council Member

  • Raoul Viora:

    If You look for: "Immediate Actions to reduce Air Pollutions and Climate Troubles", "Safer Energy Supplies, including Renewable", "Sustainable Development of all Countries" ,, then think about Energy Efficiency, and participate in the Monaco EEForum 2011, to build up a smarter future.

  • Serge de Gheldere:

    "It is time to reframe the climate debate - away from idealism or altruism and towards business intelligence."

  • Rasmus Nedergaard:

    "Energy efficiency is carbon efficiency, being the first and most important step on the way towards a low carbon society. Energy efficiency is also sustainability at it 's best, creating potential large savings on energy costs, being a competitive advantage for the businesses and cooperation's investing."

  • Russel Mills:

    "Smart companies and countries have long realised the benefits of prioritising energy efficiency investments. With the triple challenge of increasing energy costs, supply concerns and climate protection, there has never been a better time to step up the drive to greater efficiency.
    The smarter countries and companies will ensure energy efficiency initiatives represent commitments for the long term. It is only through such longer term approaches that we can deliver the full benefits of efficiency programs to the societies we all serve."

  • Alicia Montalvo:

    "The link between Energy and Climate Change is a masterpiece in the Euro-Mediterranean relations that open a window of opportunity towards sustainable development and low carbon emissions growth. Exploiting the full potential of the Mediterranean region in regard to green energy will contribute to further strengthen the economic bridges and to make progress in fulfilling global challenges."

Philippe Lorec

Deputy Director General for Energy and Climate / Project Manager of the Mediterranean Solar Plan

Philippe LorecMr Philippe Lorec is the Deputy Director General for Energy and Climate in the Ministry of Ecology Energy Sustainable Development and Town planning since 2007.  He is in charge of the international affairs and governmental negotiations.

Mr Philippe Lorec had been designed by the French Presidency to manage the Mediterranean Solar Plan. Indeed, at the Paris summit meeting on July 13th 2008, the Heads of state and government of the European and Mediterranean countries have launched the Union for the Mediterranean, a new form of co-operation between the two shores of the Mediterranean Sea.  One of the major projects proposed is the Mediterranean Solar Plan (MSP), which not only targets solar energies, but aims at developing renewable energies (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) measures and reinforcing power grid interconnections and technology transfer in the Mediterranean region, with the participation of all member states of the Union for the Mediterranean, firms, investors, financial institutions and other organizations interested in the project.

His previous positions were Diplomatic Adviser (2005-2006) in the cabinet of two Ministries of Industry (Mr Devedjian and Loos), adviser to the chairman of the Direction of international and economic affairs (2004-2005). Before he was program Manager to the French minister of Defense.

Mr Philippe Lorec is professor in international relations in Sorbonne and Science Po, Paris. Born in 1967, Philippe Lorec is special engineer from the "Corps de l'Armement" and holds a PhD in Microelectronics (Jussieu, Paris).


All greenhouse gas emissions relating to the organisation of the Euro-Mediterranean Energy Efficiency Forum will be offset thanks to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s “Monaco Carbon Offsetting” Programme.

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