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Energy efficiency key facts

  1. By 2020, the European Union (EU) needs to achieve: 20% increase in energy efficiency, 20% reduction of CO2 and 20% share of energy renewable sources.
  2. The deep renovation of Europe's existing buildings could save 32% primary energy in Europe by 2020, 2.6 billion barrels of foreign oil per year and €193 billion per year.
  3. The European Union needs to start renovating its building stock NOW!
  4. EU Policymakers have mandated that all new public buildings achieve nearly zero energy status by 2018, and that all other new buildings achieve the same status by 2020.
  5. Global primary energy demand projected to increase by 50% between now and 2030.
  6. The EU is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 80-95% below 1990 levels by 2050.
  7. Buildings consume 35% of the world's energy and account for 40% of the world's GHG emissions.
  8. Action around energy efficiency enhances energy security in Europe.
  9. Large scale action on energy efficiency would create market demand for products and services that would result in 2.000.000 of new European jobs.

4th annual Euro-Mediterranean Energy Efficiency Forum discusses important role of energy efficiency for economic growth

Held under the theme "Targeting Efficiency for Economic Recovery" committing to Growth, the forum welcomed more than 170 European policy and decision makers, private, public, and civil society representatives.
The attendees discussed the policies necessary to support greater energy efficiency investments and heard examples of best practices where energy efficiency has spurred economic development in addition to comfort, health, productivity and other benefits.

All greenhouse gas emissions relating to the organisation of the Euro-Mediterranean Energy Efficiency Forum will be offset thanks to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s “Monaco Carbon Offsetting” Programme.

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